Police trying to make Queen Mary intersection safer

Following two accidents in two weeks including fatal hit and run

Police say they are looking into how a dangerous intersection in Côte-des-Neiges can be made safer.  There have been two serious accidents there in just a few weeks, including a hit and run that proved fatal. 

On Monday an 81-year-old man was hit by a vehicle at the intersection of Queen Mary and Westbury,  the same intersection where a 70-year-old woman was killed in a hit and run on June 17.

Montreal police traffic division inspector Andre Durocher says the station and the borough have been working together to find solutions to make the area safer.

“They are having discussions with the borough, how can we make the intersection safer, by adding extra marking on the road, changing some signs and stuff, we do have to keep in mind that these things can’t be changed overnight,” he told CJAD.

“They’re also doing an operation, to keep an eye out, do extra patrolling, to show presence and also to do enforcement for those who don’t respect the rules of the road.”

Durocher says they are still trying to find the suspect driving the black or dark SUV that hit the 70-year-old.

They have released video footage captured from a surveillance camera and are asking anyone with information to come forward.

Sun Youth is also offering, through an anonymous donor, a five thousand dollar reward to anyone who comes forward with information leading to the capture of the driver.

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  1. Fran posted on 07/04/2014 01:29 PM
    Signs and markers are going to do squat. That intersection has always been dangerous, construction is only an excuse. Try posting an officer to fine everyone who gets off the 51 at the corner of Queen Mary and Circle who refuses to stand on the sidewalk. I take the bus and see it everyday. People blocking an entire lane of QM and northbound Circle. Buses can't pull away, it's impossible to turn right onto QM, cars swerving around them. Yes, it's hard to get the 50 people who just got on the bus on the sidewalk but I'm pretty sure you can fit more than 2.
  2. John posted on 07/04/2014 03:57 PM
    I am sorry, but the 81 year old man was not hit at the intersection. The man ran accross the street through traffic about 10 meters away form the intersection. I was there when it happened, the accident was 100% the victim's fault.
  3. Arie posted on 07/08/2014 12:17 PM
    I think speed Bumps are the best thing, putting them up will force cars to slow down or damage there car!
  4. Arie posted on 07/08/2014 12:20 PM
    Putting a speed bump would force drivers to slow down or damage there car, and those drivers who still use the cell and txt whille driving needs to be stoped!
  5. Jimmy posted on 07/11/2014 11:11 AM
    @ john , you are a clown !
    If you think it's the poor 81 year old man fault , it was the Mercedes and the person driving the Mercedes that hit him , he didn't just die on his own !
    Also , pedestrians always have the right of way , even if they are jay walking.
    For me it's the lady in the Mercedes who killed a man simple as that.
    I also saw the whole thing ..
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