Dog friendly merchants on Monkland Avenue

New cool and safe waiting areas for your pet

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A supermarket in Montreal's West End has found a way to make itself friendly to pet owners, their four-legged friends now have a cool spot to wait in while the groceries are being done. It's the second such spot on Monkland Avenue.

The Provigo on Monkland Avenue has a shady dog friendly area with water and hooks to tie up your pet.

“The neighborhood has a lot of dogs, the customers asked us for it, so we created it,” Annie-Claude Gauthier, the manager of the Provigo said.

Provigo isn't the first to make itself friendly to pet owners.

Second Cup across the street created a similar waiting area for dogs.

“Around this area there’s a demand for that extra service for the animals. I don’t think it makes a difference in terms of business but I think it’s something that pet owners really appreciate,” Alex Banousis, the franchisee said.

Julie Daragon, who lives in the Monkland village with her dog Michou, said she appreciates the safe area to leave her dog.

“I think they’re great and there should be more of them. Everyone has a dog here and they’re an extension of our family, so it’s very nice to see these places.”

“It’s smart business,” she said, adding that it's a safe neighborhood to leave your dog unattended.

Banousis at Second Cup said he introduced a pet friendly area 18 years ago and no dogs have been stolen.

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  1. Donna posted on 07/08/2014 01:07 PM
    What a wonderful idea! Thank you merchants for making that special effort for your customers! Other merchants should definitely follow in their lead. Tks!
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