Keep kids away from lawnmowers, doctors warn

Doctors at Ste. Justine Hospital are warning parents to be extra vigilant when mowing their lawns.

Since the beginning of the summer, three children had foot amputations that could have been avoided.

Doctors say children shouldn't be on riding lawmowers, and should stay away from lawn mowers entirely — including regular ones — while they're in operation.

Doctors want to make sure riding lawnmowers aren't treated like the recreational vehicles and toys they might look like, and they're urging parents to refrain from having their kids ride the mowers — or even be near them entirely.

A simple rock, they say, could turn into a dangerous projectile under the blades of a mower.

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  1. anne posted on 07/08/2014 11:37 PM
    So true.. I have a sit-down lawn mower and I have to lock my dog in the house when I'm cutting. The rocks fly so fast and bounce off things, it's very dangerous. I even had one bounce off a fence and hit me in the face. I wear safety glasses now.
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