NEXUS reaches one million user milestone

Government and border security officials are celebrating a milestone for the NEXUS border crossing program - one million users since its creation 12 years ago.

Federal Public Security Minister Steven Blaney told a news conference at Trudeau Airport this morning that it's thanks to a good collaboration with his American counterparts that's helped the success of NEXUS - a card that allows travellers to bypass long security and border lineups. To get one, you have to go through an exhaustive screening and background check. If accepted, you pay 50 bucks, the card good for five years.

And though many businesspeople and truckers benefit, those who vacation a lot or even just a little bit can take advantage too.

"It's a very practical card for any frequent traveller that is trusted and willing to reduce the time spent or wasted in an airport," Blaney said.

Luc Portelance, president of the Canadian Border Services Agency, said it's worth it even for the casual vacationer.

"I think for 50 dollars for five years, it's an investment for someone who travels once or twice a year should consider," Portelance said.

Third country citizens are now being considered for the program starting with Mexico.

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