WATCH: Rawdon resident catches speeding motorists on film

A Rawdon resident fed up with speeding motorists on his street decided to film it all and circulate the video in a bid to embarass the town to do something about it.

Church Street has become a virtual race course, said Ron Hachey who`s lived there for over 40 years. He cited the growing population and the street's link to the commercial district, often seen as a shortcut. His video shows the majority of cars speeding through the stop sign.

"Two weeks ago, some little girl nearly got hit on my street. I said, 'That`s the end of this, I'm doing something about it,' " Hachey told CJAD 800 News.

Mayor Bruno Guilbault said they`ve studied the situation and traffic-slowing measures such as posts to narrow the street are coming soon.

"If they came today, I'd put them up myself. I'm waiting on them any day now," Guilbault said, adding that he's had to deal with delivery delays.

Guilbault said speedbumps and traffic lights are not practical because of the nearby firestation. Hachey doesn't agree but he said for now,  he'll take any measures that'll help and he'll believe it when he sees it.

"I've been doing it for ten years, this is not the first time. I've been through three mayors, three councils there. Same story, same thing all the time."

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  1. Chris posted on 07/08/2014 09:48 PM
    What about photo radar? Your street appears to be a quiet residential area. Our street is residential (Cedar Ave) but you would never know it from the steady stream of speeding cars during rush hour (most from outside the area), not stopping at the busy 4-way stop unless someone beeps. Weekends we have loud speedsters waking up the neighbourhood. But no police...
  2. swm posted on 07/08/2014 10:07 PM
    One would think that a deputized municipal employee could make the town a fortune giving out tickets (or mailing them) , easily paying for the employee and then some while making everything safer for everybody. I don't understand why they don't do that at Montreal crosswalks either. I know that in the Plateau Mont Royal, they'd rather give parking tickets which makes everybody suffer , than give tickets for running through pedestrian crosswalks and double parking which would make things safer and traffic flow better.
  3. Terry posted on 07/09/2014 01:36 AM
    Place additional stop signs in the middle of the street. When the signs are in the faces of drivers there may be more respect for the stop signs. Unmarked police vehicles would also help.
    1. Paul posted on 07/09/2014 11:20 AM
      @Terry There are too many stop signs. Pointless stop signs increase driver frustration and only encourage this behavior. In low traffic areas like this perhaps roundabouts would be a better solution.. they force you to slow down but you don't need to do a full stop.
  4. Michelle posted on 07/13/2014 06:15 PM
    That is really bad. However, drivers are running stop signs all over Montreal, and this includes the cops. I'm not a fan of big brother, but I think its time to start posting cameras at all stop signs, starting with residential neighbourhoods. Countless times I have almost been hit by a car/van because drivers ignoring the stop signs. I also think that is a driver runs a stop sign and hits someone it should be classed as attempted murder, or if they kill someone, first degree murder......Why else would they run a stop sign unless the intent was to hurt or kill someone. I think Cameras would not only pay for themselves, but bring in a lot of money to Quebec. People caught running a stop sign more then twice, should have their licenses terminated and if they want them back....wait 5 years then go though Quebec's driving school courses the exact same way new drivers have to go though in order to get it again. I don't care if their jobs require them to have a license, and people lose their jobs due to losing their license as my life along with countless other pedestrians lives depend on drivers following the laws! Don't like the laws? MOVE!
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