Raelian billboard rebuffed

The Raelians are complaining that they can't seem to convince any billboard company in Canada to accept their latest ad. It features images of an equilateral cross with its four arms at 90-degree angles, along with the slogan "Let's Reclaim the Swastika".

The group says Canadians must be educated about the widespread and peaceful use of the swastika in other cultures predating Nazi Germany.

The logo for the Raelian movement incorporates a swastika and a six pointed star. Founder Rael says he was given the symbol by space aliens who visited him in 1973.

The Raelians say given that billboard companies are reluctant to post their ad, they'll use rallies and other means to promote what they've dubbed their "swastika rehabilitation campaign".

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  1. Daniel Turcotte posted on 07/09/2014 12:11 PM
    It's true that this symbol is very old! You can find it on a canadian hocky team jersey just a few decades ago. I agree with the raelians that we should rehabilitate the true meaning of this peace symbol...
  2. ted posted on 07/09/2014 12:20 PM
    Aliens? I truly believe he was visited by something.... maybe he can produce the clones baby they produced a few years back...at least their golf course is not bad!
  3. ric posted on 07/10/2014 05:54 AM
    They've got the wrong people locked up.
  4. ahha posted on 07/10/2014 04:27 PM
    What about the adolfph mustache and hairdo? Will they be rehabilitated too? Don't see too many of them around much anymore although there is no law
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