New city-owned animal shelter coming to Montreal by 2018

Mayor Denis Coderre says the animal euthanasia rate in Montreal is 50 percent, in Calgary it’s 7 percent.  

“It’s a disaster, if we have to kill one cat or one dog, out of two.  It’s a red flag and we’re sending a message that maybe we’re not responsible enough for our animals.”

The city has used Calgary as a model and last summer it announced the opening of a city owned shelter. 

Thursday Coderre unveiled its new location. The animal service centre will open by 2018 on Pie-IX, between 42nd and 47th Sts., in an industrial area of Villeray-Saint-Michel-Parc-Extension.

He says the 23 million dollar facility will service 14 000 animals, each of them will be vaccinated, sterilized and microchipped.

Coderre is looking at other ways to help with animal responsibility, such as mandatory licensing and microchipping for all animals.

“In several cities of North America this is the kind of best practices that they’ve been applying, so why not us?  It’s a question of respecting life and having a better control.”

Coderre says a non-profit will run the facility, he hasn’t named which one yet, but used the SPCA and Berger Blanc as examples.

Projet Montreal says with the Berger Blanc’s controversial past the city will have to be vigilant when it makes a decision.

“We need to make sure that they are completely ethical in terms of their practices because of what happened in the past.  We need to be careful,” Anne-Marie Sigouin, city councillor with Projet Montreal said.

The shelter was originally set to open in the Angrignon farm of Angrignon Park but the city said Pie-IX would be a better location for the animal service centre.

It said the farm, which closed in the park in 2008, will now be reopening by 2019.

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  1. Rina posted on 07/10/2014 02:47 PM
    As soon as I read the first few lines, my heart stopped.. and was reminded of the horrible mistreatment of life at the hands of the Berger Blanc.. It frightens me to know that people like that, are given power over our lost or unwanted animals. I pray that the Mayor and his associates will carefully examine all aspects of this desperately needed project and award it to people who sincerely love and respect animals, without greed, or cruelty ..
  2. Cindy posted on 07/10/2014 07:02 PM
    Berger Blanc SHOULD NOT EVEN BE MENTIONED !!! Past history why give them a chance to screw it up So many better shelters out there NO TO BB & not a fan over location no green space & industrial zone
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