With ragweed season coming, here are some ways you can help ease the suffering

The Quebec Lung Association wants Montrealers to get involved in helping relieve the misery caused by hay fever.

Hayfever and asthma-related complications cost our government up to $234 million each year, and most of that can be traced back to one common plant — ragweed, which grows along the St. Lawrence River and its pollen is responsible for itchy eyes and asthma attacks that ragweed sufferers have to deal with across Quebec.

The Lung Association's communications advisor Mathieu Leroux, though, insists it's not something we have to sit idly by and suffer through — there are ways we can help.

"What people can do is uproot ragweed, tear it up with the roots and plant some seeds or other plants to make sure it doesn't come back," Leroux says, "Ragweed is one of those plants that doesn't like company."

Ragweed is especially common along the St. Lawrence river between Quebec City and Montreal. About 1 in 6 Quebecers suffer as a result of the ragweed pollen each August and September

Similar campaigns have been effective in reducing allergies in many cities across Quebec. If you see the plant, you're being encouraged to identify it and do away with it, by pulling it from the roots.

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