Mother who left baby in hot SUV at Rockland mall fined

Police still investigating she may also be charged

Montreal police say the mother who left her baby in a sweltering SUV at the Rockland shopping centre Thursday has been issued a ticket. 

The infraction of leaving a child unattended in a car carries a fine of 60 dollars. 

Police add that the investigation is ongoing and crown prosecutors, will decide whether criminal charges are also merited. 

"For now the investigators do believe that the baby was in the vehicle for about 40 minutes, the mother did receive a ticket for leaving a child under the age of seven years old without surveillance," constable Danny Richer told CJAD.

Passersby who noticed the crying, sweating baby in the vehicle summoned police, who smashed a window to get the child out.  

The police department says it filed a complaint with child protection.

The baby is still with his mother.

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  1. Juge posted on 07/11/2014 12:28 PM
    The infraction of leaving a child unattended in a car carries a fine of 60 dollars. How much of a fine is imposed for stupidity, selfishness, abandonment, child abuse, just to name a few offences? How dumb can someone be? I guess this "mother" (term used with apprehension in this case) proves there is no limit. She should be reminded, "mother" is not only a pronoun - it is also a verb.
  2. John posted on 07/11/2014 01:32 PM
    Its good to know that parking in the wrong place and almost killing your child have the same penalties in this city....
  3. marie posted on 07/11/2014 03:00 PM
    I got a $95 fine for throwing a cigarette butt on the ground and received notice from the city that if I didn't pay the fine they would suspend my licence. I know I shouldn't have thrown the cigarette butt on the ground, but why the heck didn't the police take her licence? Fine the parent WAY more, first of all, then take their licence on the spot so they can't drive anymore, period.
  4. jonico posted on 07/11/2014 03:23 PM
    Should be a fine of $60.00 per minute the child is left unattended & $60.00 per brain cells she's missing.
  5. viki posted on 07/11/2014 03:30 PM
    I am completely outraged to see this. 60$ like seriously. that baby could have died or gotten very ill, heat stroke i mean so many factors, and all she cared was to shop. they should lock her up in a over heated room and ask how she feels. but 60$ ticket no way, i would already have it to be 500$ or more to start with. and even worse people like this should have there kids taken away, just shows they dont care for there child and more so that they rather shop than carry there baby with them. i would never leave my kids let alone alone in a car.
  6. Ray posted on 07/11/2014 03:57 PM
    "The infraction of leaving a child unattended in a car carries a fine of 60 dollars" So driving in a bus lane is a larger infraction than leaving a CHILD in a car unattended!?! So sad
  7. Laura posted on 07/11/2014 03:58 PM
    What a joke. I understand perhaps waiting to file charges, but explain to me how this woman retained custody of that child.
  8. Marguerite posted on 07/11/2014 04:00 PM
    A ticket of $60.00 is a disgrace. This child should automatically be taken from her and put in child protection. I am sorry but what further investigation do you need. She endangered the life of a minor, what more do you need before she is charged. There definitely is something wrong here.
  9. Laura d. posted on 07/11/2014 08:41 PM
    What the hell is wrong with the system? 60$ fine? Is that the price of a precious child? wow!! For littering it is $100, incredible ! A round of applause for those freikn' idiots, called parents, that actually think this is alright. Lock them in the car, strap them down with the belt, and see how they would like it. It is so sad, and so frustrating. Great role models. This is so upsetting..
  10. Ilon posted on 07/12/2014 01:58 AM
    If someone is talking on their cellphone while driving is can be up to $400 and something that is more or less death due to negligence is $60?! Most parking tickets are worth more than this...
  11. Drew posted on 07/12/2014 11:43 PM
    $60.00 ??? No charges brought? What the hell? What kind of law is that?
  12. Alison Duncan posted on 07/13/2014 08:49 PM
    Should have been charged with assault.
  13. Allan posted on 07/14/2014 01:55 PM
    Image the fine, if she would have left a dog in the car. Would have a lot worse, if not jail time.
  14. Mike posted on 07/16/2014 04:12 PM
    A driving instructor will tell you that you have to always be in control of your vehicle.
    Would we be having this discussion if it was a human being instead of ducks?
    As tragic as in any rear end collision when there is a death one has to ask why was he followiing to close to begin with. she did not stop suddenly. was the motorcyclist not paying attention. it will never bring back the lives lost but it is unfair to incarcerate this young girl it was an accident pure and simple.
    Society appears to tolerate repeat drunk drivers on the road over and over even letting them drive buy putting a breathalyzer in the car.
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