UPDATE: Mayor had police escort for concert

Opposition councillors with Projet Montreal say Mayor Denis Coderre should not have needed police protection for an event that amounted to a photo op with a pop star.

Someone in the mayor's office requested a police escort when Coderre and his wife attended the Corey Hart concert at the Bell Centre last month.

The mayor tweeted about the show and posted a photo of himself posing with the musician.

Projet Montreal councillor Guillaume Lavoie says he likes Corey Hart too, but thinks the mayor should be exercizing better judgement.

He told CJAD's Barry Morgan that requesting a police escort for a concert was a misuse of police manpower.

"If it was for an event which was clearly a function for the mayor, or was the mayor working late at night [there would be no problem,]" he said. "But this is the mayor enjoying himself. If he really wanted to enjoy the music, why did he ask for the police to stay so late, and to wait until he'd had his picture taken?"

Lavoie said the escort was ordered to satisfy the mayor's vanity, and that he doubted that a Corey Hart concert crowd posed any significant threat to his security. 

The police department won't comment directly on the request for two officers for escort duty but says all such requests are assessed for threat risk.

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  1. Paul posted on 07/11/2014 06:54 AM
    Can I assume that pension negotiations are going well for the police dept?
    Will they be sending him Celine Dion tickets too?
  2. Rhonda posted on 07/11/2014 11:47 AM
    Who cares? Not worthy of a mention...
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