Monteregie double hit and run suspect arrested

An 18 year old man was arrested after a double hit and run in Acton Vale, in the Monteregie.

Around 7 p.m. yesterday, the driver took a curve on Highway 139 way too fast, drove into oncoming traffic, steered back into his lane, then hit a motorcycle with two people in their 20's onboard.

They were thrown to the pavement, and suffered serious injuries, but will survive.

The second hit and run happened a short time later.

On the same road, he rammed another vehicle. A woman in her 50's was slightly injured.

Surete du Quebec spokesperson Gregory Gomez del Prado says the suspect eventually ditched his damaged vehicle and fled on foot.

"So sometime in the evening we were able to locate an 18 year old man who was arrested. We know at that point he was under the influence of alcohol."

Police still want to know if it was the suspect who was actually driving the vehicle, or if someone else was in the car.

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