Cafe owner complains about huge rent increase; borough says shouldn't complain

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A cafe owner in the Plateau is complaining about a massive rent increase he's received from the city.

Cafe Cherrier uses city property for its St. Denis Street terrasse.

For decades, it was charged $625.00 dollars but a city bureaucrat spotted the error and re-assessed the rent last year at $5000.00 dollars and this year, the amount with taxes, is closer to $10 000.

The owner tells CTV News the increase is abusive but the borough mayor says he has no right to complain.

"You can compare with other cafes and restaurants.  For 20 years, he had it for free so maybe if I was him, I would be a bit more quiet." says Luc Ferrandez.

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  1. Jay posted on 07/15/2014 08:38 AM
    I'm all for the increase, but unfortunately the rent rules should apply equally to all citizens of Quebec.

    I as a landlord cannot increase the rent from 625$ to 1100$ when I buy a property that has an old tenant in there for last 20 years. The city cannot do it either even if it is an administrative blunder.

    He should take this to regie des logement if possible. City trying to be a hypocrite now.
    1. paul posted on 07/15/2014 09:12 AM
      @Jay Learn some facts before sprouting ignorance. Regie de logement only decides on residential cases... hence logement.
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