SQ looking for Facebook motorcycling speeders

The SQ says it wants to talk to the people behind a Facebook page that posts videos of motorcyclists behaving illegally and recklessly.

One video on the Demon Roads QC Facebook page showed a driver hitting 300 kilometres an hour on a highway near Quebec City.

But the page appears to have been taken down.

It seems to have been disabled a day after the Le Soleil newspaper reported on the kinds of videos it hosts.

But not before the SQ expressed an interest in meeting those behind it.

Spokesman Gregory Gomez says the videos clearly show illegal behaviour

"We consider this type of behaviour extremely harmful," he says. "It's a non-respect for life: their lives and other users of the road."

He says posting these kinds of videos can be harmful, but does give police valuable leads.

"If you do post that, you also show it to us," he says. "And we want to go after those people because they are giving evidence to us of their illegal behaviour." 

Gomez says penalties can range from fines to demerit points to criminal prosecution.

The Facebook page's administrator told Le Soleil the videos were not shot by him or anyone he knows and says he found them on YouTube.

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