Uber worries Montreal taxi industry

Some figures in Montreal's taxi industry are very worried about the growing popularity of an on-line cab hailing service.

Uber has created controversy in other cities as well because it connects customers directly with drivers, bypassing taxi company dispatchers.

The user's smartphone indicates where the closest cab is and an estimated time of arrival. Billing is done on-line, meaning the client doesn't have to pay cash.

Critics say the client has no guarantee the person who arrives is a professional cabbie and elsewhere, the service has transformed itself into a ridesharing app, eliminating the need for taxis altogether.

Photo credit: maxcommradio.com

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  1. Joe posted on 07/14/2014 10:36 AM
    What a load of garbage. The General Manager of UBER was on CJAD last week and all drivers are licenced. I have used UBER several times and have always had highly professional drivers.
    1. Menotyou posted on 07/14/2014 04:23 PM
      @Joe That might very well be, but cabbies pay extra fees and costs to get and maintain a taxi license, and are trusted by people with their kids, parents, and merchandise every day. They pass criminal background checks and are tracked by GPS so the client is perfectly safe.
      UBER offers no such screening or guarantees. It's basically an electronic hitchhiking app. User beware.
  2. Ray S posted on 07/14/2014 01:35 PM
    "Professional cabbie"?

    I assume that means one who knows where they are going - apart form the airport to major downtown hotels.

    I also assume that means one who can speak at least one of our official languages.

    And one who doesn't try to slip in an extra charge for a credit card transaction.

    Given the above, I simply can't imagine what an 'unprofessional' cabbie would be like!
  3. Richard posted on 07/14/2014 01:54 PM
    from the interview on CJAD Uber only uses Taxi drivers in Montreal.
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