MH17 a heartbreak, not a worry at Trudeau

Photo courtesy the Associated Press

As they line up for trips to Europe, Cuba and elsewhere in North America, travellers at Trudeau airport do not seem overly bothered by the downing of Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 yesterday over eastern Ukraine.

Many were worrying about their impatient children or catching their flight rather than a tragedy on the other side of the globe.

Marc Hossari was on his way to Ireland with his girlfriend. He says the circumstances surrounding the crash are very different from his own.

"I know about it, and it's sad, but it's half a world away and it's in a war-zone area," he said. "It's not really bothering me."

Rio Argento, however, has spent a fair amount of time thinking about the crash. 

The commercial pilot was on his way to the Azores with his family, and thinks MH17 will lead to significant changes to the air travel industry.

"They might implement procedures for that because there are a few regions in turmoil right now," he said. "They might start deviating flights. That would be in the best interests of everybody."

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