Couple claims wife almost died due to medical error at Jewish General

Serge Courval and his wife Jaylee-Ann Judge

A Terrebonne man says he and his wife will file a complaint with the Jewish General Hospital and may even sue, they claim she almost lost her life because of a medical error.

Serge Courval says he brought his diabetic wife to the emergency room because of back pain.

He says when doctors found an infection in her spine and lungs, a drain needed to be put in her lungs to get rid of fluid.

But Courval claims when the doctors put it in, they ruptured her spleen.

He says they only noticed the error the following morning but by then she was in critical condition.

"They told me to call my loved ones, that she might not make it.  It’s unacceptable, she could of died alone in her room overnight and nobody would have noticed,"

“If he would have noticed the error during the procedure and would have sounded the alarm, that we could have forgiven.”

His wife Jaylee-Ann Judge is in intensive care but pulling through.

The Jewish General Hospital says Quebec law prevents them from making statements that could threaten the confidentiality of patients.

They say they take concerns about patients safety very seriously.

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  1. concerned posted on 07/22/2014 05:24 PM
    I totally agree!
    This hospital used to have the best name and now patients are dying from stupid mistakes.My dad was told he has bladder cancer from a top Dr. at the Jewish they said
    they have to operate,well they did and guess what?Not cancer low grade polyps.
    Since this March,he has constant infections in bladder from scar tissue,his prostate is enlarged and he never had issues before.All this because of a wrong diagnosis.
    Now my dear friend is there since May they told her we have to operate on your colon you will be home in 5 days.Today is July 22nd she is still there.Guess what!
    Everything has gone wrong with her surgery they say was succesfull!
    Colon leakage at first,now colon stricture,they gave her a blood tranfusion because she is anemic.TRANFUSION didn't go well, blood went in her lungs,now from the antibiotics that she has been on since May.
    She got cdficile from hospital,why all this?Are these trained Dr.OR Butchers!!!
    Everyone should stop going there,they practice on us as if we are guinea pigs.....
  2. shocked posted on 08/12/2014 03:29 AM
    what the hell is going on with the Jewish?
    I also know people who had ridiculously terrible experiences there.
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