Flights cancelled to and from Israel


Air Canada says it has cancelled a scheduled flight from Toronto to Tel Aviv tonight following reports of a rocket explosion near the Israeli city's airport.

On Twitter, the airline also says tomorrow's return flight from Tel Aviv has been cancelled.

The announcement came shortly after the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration prohibited U.S. airlines from flying to Tel Aviv for 24 hours.

Several European airlines have also cancelled their flights, some of them for the next 36 hours.

An Air Canada spokeswoman says the airline will continue to evaluate the situation and provide updates as needed.

Israeli police confirmed that a rocket from Gaza landed in an area near Tel Aviv's Ben Gurion Airport, saying the rocket landing was the closest to the airport since fighting began on July 8.

Israel's Transportation Ministry called on the airlines to reverse their decision and said it was trying to explain that the airport was ``safe for landings and departures.''

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  1. JO posted on 07/22/2014 08:14 PM
    I congratulate AC for this decision. It shows prudence and concern for it's passengers and flight crews. The middle east situation is terrible and my heart goes out to all innocent people regardless of which side they're on.
    However , I think it ignorant of any nation to expect the LUXURY of international civilian air traffic if they engage in warfare. In Canada we have a proud history of excellence with regard to air transport. This wasn't acomplished by accident. Our good record was earned through hard work and meticulous attention to detail by everyone in our aerospace industry.
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