Arizona execution takes nearly two hours before killer dies

Arizona officials say a murderer who was sentenced to death has died nearly two hours after his execution started.

Joseph Wood's lawyers had filed an emergency appeal in federal court during the execution demanding that it be stopped.

The appeal said Wood was ``gasping and snorting for more than an hour.''

Attorney General Tom Horne's office says Joseph Rudolph Wood was pronounced dead at 3:49 p.m., one hour and 57 minutes after the execution started.

A message seeking comment was left with the Arizona Department of Corrections.

An Associated Press reporter witnessed the execution but could not immediately communicate with anyone outside the state prison in Florence where the execution took place.

The execution came after the U.S. Supreme Court denied several appeals seeking details about the state's execution methods.

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  1. Owen posted on 07/23/2014 10:10 PM
    Does killing another make it right? What justify's the continuation of killing ? I personally don't think it right. Nobody on this earth should have the right to kill another human being. The one who injects for this killing or pulls a switch, is also a murderer or killer in my view.
    1. Patrick posted on 07/24/2014 05:49 AM
      @Owen What justifies the killing of a killer?

      Nothing...except the 100% absolute guarantee that he/she won't be able to do it again.

      If you deny someone the right to live, you should then forfeit your right by giving your life in return.

      Also known as "culling the herd" to ensure the improvement of the species.

      Lose someone you love to a killer and your outlook and opinion will change REALLY fast.
  2. ric posted on 07/24/2014 07:45 AM
    Why does anyone care about this murderer? When he killed his ex- wife and her father, did they not suffer? Why is this garbage still alive 25 years after the murders?
  3. paul posted on 07/24/2014 08:20 AM
    who cares.
    what about the victims he killed.
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