School proceeds with soccer field on disputed land

The Sir Wilfrid Laurier School Board is proceeding with plans to put a soccer field on a plot of land in Repentigny that another board has its eye on.

The contractor has put its excavation equipment on the site adjacent to Franklin Hill Elementary School and is in the process of getting the necessary municipal permits.

The contract for the soccer pitch is worth $89,000 and was approved at a board meeting in mid-June.

This is despite the fact that the Education Ministry has ordered the board into talks with a French-language school board which wants the land for a new school.

The head of that board, the Commission Scolaire des Affluents, says he is very disappointed that Sir Wilfrid Laurier is proceeding with the soccer field project.

Sir Wilfrid Laurier says the project is proceeding in order to have the field ready as soon as possible for the new school year. It also insists the remaining land would be big enough to accommodate the other board's new school.

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