Montreal will bill police brotherhood for "sick" day

The city of Montreal is reiterating its promise to bill the police brotherhood after a hundred officers called in sick Saturday in what it sees as a pressure tactic against the planned pension plan changes.

The police brotherhood is insisting it did not orchestrate any such pressure tactic but Montreal executive committee chairman Pierre Desrochers said he's skeptical.

"It doesn`t happen spontaneously that you have 122 policemen that you don't show up at work," Desrochers said. The city brought the issue before the Labour Relations Commission.

"We made that point to the commission and the commission issued an order. I think they believe just like us that this was not a spontaneous action."

So once they've worked out how much overtime that cost, Desrochers says they're sending the bill to the union.

"What they did this weekend was totally irresponsible," Desrochers said.

"There has been costs to it and these costs should not be borne by the public.

Desrochers said since they nipped the plan in the bud, there was no impact on service to the public.

"Yes, they are expressing their disagreement and that's fine. This is part of our bargaining agreement as long as they respect the rules and laws in place," Desrochers said.

The union is meeting today to discuss the issue. It did not return calls from CJAD 800 News.

While officers are wearing camouflage pants and red baseball caps on the job, Montreal Transit Corporation (STM) workers did the same last week. White collar workers joined in today by wearing sweatpants and pj bottoms at work. Police and fire vehicles have been seen with protest stickers on them.

Bill 3 aims at changing how much city workers pay into their pension plans. If adopted, they would pay half of their individual pension deficits, estimated at nearly four billion dollars, and then pay half of future contributions.

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  1. ric posted on 07/28/2014 05:02 PM
    I don't think the bill for overtime should be sent to the union. If it happens again or any other such action then it should be billed to them. However, one thing that I totally hate is vandalism. ALL VANDALISM MUST NOT GO UNPUNISHED. The police should take those stickers off the patrol cars ON THEIR OWN TIME. Police have a uniform and a uniform code, if they don't wear it, fine them and the union. Even the police aren't above the law. If they continue with their childish behavious, video them then charge them with the crime.
  2. Eric posted on 07/28/2014 08:03 PM
    Bill 3 should be deemed illegal. The current arrangement with the pension was agreed to during the bargaining process years ago. it is part of their collective agreement. It is up to the Government to negotiate a new collective agreement and reach a new deal regarding pensions. it's not the workers fault that management mismanaged the pension fund. Why blame the worker? If anything these loses should be coming out of the pockets of the administrators and the fund managers. Maybe something illegal was going on with the management of the fund to be losing so much money. You'll never see the golden pension plans and handshakes taken away from corporate executives and politicians. Seems it's only the middle class, average joe that loses all the time!
  3. Drew posted on 07/29/2014 05:29 PM
    A Montreal police officer leaves the force at an average age of 53 and collects $59,000 a year, while a city firefighter retires at an average age of 52 with an annual pension of $53,000.

    I wish my pension was mismanaged and get that amount
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