Two injured in Saint Hubert fire

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    Courtesy for Rey Mena

      Two people sustained severe burns in a fire early Monday morning in Saint-Hubert.

      It started at around 1 AM on the ground floor of a home at 1878 Place Mauriat near Chemin de Chambly.

      “A woman was banging on my door, she was severely hurt, she jumped out of her window on the second floor and was screaming for help for her husband still in bed,” Hajar Harrouni who's next door to the fire said.

      It was police officers who were first on the scene and rescued the woman's husband.

      The fire department chief said the man sustained burns to 20% of his body and was in critical condition, but he should pull through.

      The chief says the fire was started because of a cigarette left near a couch on the ground floor.

      The couple in their fifties had a cat and dog who survived the blaze.

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