UPDATE:No trace of escaped murderer

55-year-old Robert Gaudette is serving an indeterminate sentence for 2nd degree murder
PHOTO: Surete du Quebec

55 year old Robert Gaudette remains at large this morning.

Gaudette, was found to have escaped from the  Montée Saint-François minimum security prison in Laval during the 5am headcount yesterday.

The Journal de Montreal this morning says Gaudette apparently escaped by climbing out a window of the group home he shared with other inmates on the prison grounds.

The newspaper, quoting an unnamed source, says the escape seems to have been a spontaneous gesture.

Gauette was serving time for the murder of his wife in 2000.

He was convicted in 2002 and ordered to serve a minimum of 14-years in prison and was  transferred to Montée Saint-François five years ago.


Gaudette is 55 years old, he's 5'11" and weighs 189 lbs. He has a fair complexion, green eyes and light brown hair. He has a surgical scar on the abdomen. 

Police say that if you spot him, call 911.

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  1. Joe posted on 07/29/2014 08:29 PM
    Time and time again this shows the Canadian justice system is full of crap this guy murdered his wife then dumped her in the garbage, and now he was eligible for parole this year, and was being held in an area where there were no fences, give me a break, this guy and others like him should do hard time and life in prison, with barbed wire fences around the prison not dandelion fields.
  2. More BS posted on 07/30/2014 12:42 PM
    A murderer in a minimum security group home! The laws in this country are ridiculous.
    The fact that this low life got a sentence like this shows what the courts think a human life is worth.
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