SQ planning weekend drinking-and-boating blitz

Photo by Patrick Lejtenyi

The SQ is participating in a country-wide weekend awareness blitz on the dangers of drinking and boating.

The force, which is responsible for policing the St. Lawrence river, says the rules governing the operation of a motor vehicle are much the same on water as on they are on land.

And it has a clear message: if you are operating a boat, don't drink.

SQ captain Paul Leduc says the SQ will be patrolling waterways this weekend to make sure the operators haven't had too much.

"We have people on the water who will stop boats and test the drivers with breathalyzers," he says. "We'll also have people at the docks checking people who come in."

Leduc says people often underestimate the dangers of drinking and boating.

"It's great fun to be on a boat, with perfect weather and sunshine," he says. "But you have to remind yourself that you're okay and not putting yourself and others at risk."

Leduc says there were 24 alcohol related accidents on water last year, including two fatalities.

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