Some Montreal cabbies want 'puke tax' for sick passengers

Some Montreal taxi drivers are pushing to have a clean-up fee set up for passengers who get sick in their cabs.

The so-called "puke tax" exists in a number of other North American cities, with fines ranging from $25 in Toronto to $100 in Calgary — though some cab drivers insist it costs much more than that to clean up completely after a vomiting passenger.

While some cabbies like the idea, others worry that forcing inebriated customers to pay up for messing up their cabs can lead to unwelcome and potentially dangerous conflicts.

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  1. Pedro posted on 08/04/2014 10:52 PM
    Why can't the taxi industry resort to a simple solution that the airline industry has used for decades?? Have a barf bag at each seat and you've eliminated the problem with a $1 or $2 barf bag...If they're good at 35,000 feet they're good at 3 feet also.
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