WATCH: Cops stage pension reform protest in Ste. Julie

Photo by Patrick Lejtenyi

The Fédération des policiers et policières municipaux du Québec held a demonstration involving several hundred off-duty cops from around the province in front of Ste-Julie city hall this morning.

Ste-Julie mayor Suzanne Roy is the current head of the Union of Quebec municipalities.

The federation says today's action was the first step in a three-week public relations blitz ahead of parliamentary hearings on the provincial government's pension reform legislation, Bill 3.

Federation president Denis Coté says today's action - with promises of more to come - are necessary since few other options are available to the police as an essential service.

He adds that the provincial and municipal governments are not negotiating in good faith.

"We had at least four or five meetings minister before he put the bill down," he says. "And finally when he put the bill down, nothing. We can't see us in that bill. Nowhere. It's 100 per cent, cut-and-paste, the position of the cities."

Coté says that despite recent controversies, including a bonfire outside Montreal city hall and a video circulating online this week showing Laval officers deliberately muddying their vehicles, the public will continue to be well-served by all municipal forces.

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  1. David white posted on 08/06/2014 08:31 AM
    Why weren't they arrested for an illegal protest? Did they file the proper paper work etc? Oh, I forgot, they are above the law......
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