West Islanders among the first to lose their home mail delivery

West Islanders — specificially those in Dollard-des-Ormeaux, Pointe Claire, Kirkland, Dorval, Lachine and Montreal's Pierrefonds-Roxoboro and Ile-Bizard-Ste-Genevieve boroughs — will be among the first to lose their home mail delivery early in 2015.

By the end of 2015, all of the south shore will be losing theirs — with letter carriers in Longueuil, Brossard and St. Lambert slated to be the first to go.

People will be getting their mail at community mailboxes instead, as part of a cost-cutting measure announced by the federal government in December of last year. Under the plan, home delivery of mail in urban areas would be phased out entirely by 2019.

Alain Duguay, the president of the Canadian Union of Postal Workers for the Montreal region, says he was shocked as anyone to hear about the cuts.

"We are very frustrated to hear it from the media," he says. "We've been asking questions to Canada Post and never hearing any answers. We know it's going to be an issue during the next election [in 2015]."

He says his union has the public's support, and that they will fight the cuts with actions and demonstrations in the coming weeks and months.

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  1. Nick Jeanvoine posted on 08/07/2014 02:45 PM
    I order a lot of stuff from Amazon and Chapters. When we start getting those Community Mailboxes, how will it work for packages?
    1. Debbie posted on 08/07/2014 07:08 PM
      @Nick Jeanvoine In those superboxes there are TWO different size compartments for parcels. If you have a parcel delivered that fits into one of those compartments, (one is larger than the other), you get a special key left in your individual mail compartment. You take the key, open the parcel compartment (A or B) , take your parcel, then drop the key in the outgoing mail slot. If your parcel is too big for either or those compartments, they try to deliver to your home, and leave a card for you to go to the post office to pick up your parcel, if you are not home, at delivery time.
    2. crj posted on 08/07/2014 08:31 PM
      @Nick Jeanvoine The community boxes have a couple larger sized lockers. If there is a large parcel it will be placed in the locker and you will receive the notice and a key to open the box. It is actually a much better system since before if you were not home you would have to go to a post office location to pick up in the past.
  2. David Logan posted on 08/07/2014 02:53 PM
    why not have mail pick-up at the mall , a grocery store outlet , or at a local drug store ? so much easier , and smarter .....who wants to go outside in the winter snow , and climb a 4 foot snow bank , or in the summer , during a lightning and rain storm ? ....just a thought ....
  3. nancy evans posted on 08/07/2014 03:18 PM
    I really think this is not necessary to close down delivery of the mail. I believe that you can still deliver once or twice a week and that will help the decline of costs without having to give up our mail delivery! I do not believe this is right for any of us. Mail deliverers need jobs...we need mail! We have paid into it and we deserve the service. There are more elderly people living in their homes today than you can imagine. They still need mail delivery...I STILL WANT MY MAIL DELIVERED!!!! It is bad enough to be cut off from human contact...this will just add to depression, not seeing anyone..NO CONTACT!!!! Really not advisable! You are just not thinking!
    1. joeN posted on 08/11/2014 02:12 PM
      @nancy evans Keep this in mind when your in the voting booth in the next federal elections. If the Regressive Conservatives are booted into history like the Block & the PQ we will progress as a Country of Canada.
  4. Murray posted on 08/07/2014 03:59 PM
    While I do not mind picking up our mail every few days, what reason does Canada Post have for not delivering mail to homes every third day.

    Oh well, so we will not put a mail slot in our new garage door.
  5. Beth Lee posted on 08/07/2014 07:24 PM
    Cut jobs to save money - spend more money by building the community boxes - tax payers still lose money. There are more seniors who cannot get out as easily either. Why not deliver mail 2 times per week - would be better all around. Someone is not thinking clearly.
  6. jamie1 posted on 08/07/2014 11:00 PM
    Ok...people....this is not such a big thing. sooner or later is was bound to happen. You can gripe and stomp your feet in protest...but this is going to happen. In answer to your question about Amazon deliveries...you"ll still get it in the new mail box, unless its too big and you will get a notice telling you to pick it up at a assigned location. Such as depanneur or whatever. Life will still go on. I left the west island 4 years ago and had to get used to picking up my mail at a community mailbox.
    Good luck..
    1. Richard posted on 08/08/2014 02:37 PM
      @jamie1 And that is why the government does what it wants....because we accept it
    2. joeN posted on 08/11/2014 02:20 PM
      @jamie1 Good for you Jaimie, your all grown up now... Change could have been better planned, it's the fact that Harper's "my way or the highway" with his band of incompetent party members can dictate to the taxpayers of this country on things as fundamental as postal service coming to an end without asking for public debate or input. There are plenty of great alternatives discussed here and in the media but Harper and the Regressive Conservatives are not listening. Hopefully, he and his party will be thrown into the dust bin next federal election.
  7. Angela Baratta posted on 08/08/2014 06:19 AM
    Its not so bad. Instead of coming to my door, I just need to walk 30 seconds down my street to the mail boxes. And if its a bigger package, they just leave me a key to one of the bigger compartments, I grab my stuff and drop the key into the mail slot. I just dont see how it saves them money to avoid having the guy drive an extra 5 seconds to leave it at my door (and not have to unlock and relock a mailbox door...)
    1. Richard posted on 08/08/2014 02:39 PM
      @Angela Baratta Not everyone can simply walk 30 seconds down the street
  8. sstm posted on 08/09/2014 03:07 PM
    Gee, what is it about the west island of Montreal ?? The first to lose home mail delivery but the last to receive decent public transit, the first to lose electric power in a rainstorm and the last to get it back.
    1. GT posted on 08/11/2014 02:23 PM
      @sstm Suggest you go further west and beyond the border of Quebec to get a solution to your problem.
  9. Debbie posted on 08/14/2014 08:26 AM
    We have had community mailboxes here in vaudreuil since i've lived here. Lucky for me, it is just in my backyard so I will go to it everyday, The problem will be for those who DO NOT go to the box everyday, so if there is a parcel that is taking up the big slot, unfortunately the others will not be delived and will be re routed to a pharmacy or any other Canada post outlet, in wich, you can only get the next day. My advice is, make sure you go and get your mail everyday, especially if you have parcels to allow others the chance to have theirs delivered in the community box.
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