It's official: Accurso will have to go before Charbonneau

The Supreme Court of Canada says it won't hear from a former Quebec construction magnate who is trying to get out of testifying at the province's corruption inquiry.

Tony Accurso was hoping to avoid having to testify before the Charbonneau Commission, which is studying the construction industry and the awarding and management of public contracts.

The former construction boss, whose name has surfaced repeatedly in previous testimony, was trying to get the summons annulled which would have him begin testifying on Sept. 2.

Accurso fears testifying at the inquiry would bring to light evidence that would be used in pending criminal proceedings and jeopardize his right to a fair trial in those unresolved criminal cases.

Quebec Superior Court and the Quebec Court of Appeal have already ruled against Accurso, who was asking the highest court in the land to hear his case.

As is the high court's custom, no reason was given for its decision.

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