Senior dies after 4 days on floor of retirement home room

The family of a man in is his 80's has served notice that they intend to sue a senior's residence in  Trois-Rivières after the man spent four days on the floor of his room and died later in hospital.

Denis Aubry lived in Le Coin St-Paul, a retirement home for autonomous and semi-autonomous seniors.

Late last month he fell and was unable to get up.

He lay there alone for four days.

Someone finally went to check on him, after a local pharmacy called the home to say that they were unable to contact Aubry.

He was taken to hospital, but died of complications July 29th, seven days after he fell.

The Journal de Montreal reports that his daughter says her father told her that he had screamed for help for days, but no one heard his calls.

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  1. vic posted on 08/08/2014 11:55 AM
    I understand that the facility should shoulder some of the blame. However where were the family members for 4 days? In my opinion there should always be a person visiting on a daily basis or at least calling to see if they are all right and do they need anything. Many families view these centers as "responsibility" drop off centers.
  2. Marty posted on 08/09/2014 03:22 PM
    Hi well I agree with you family members just drop them off and forget them it is really sad for this man but the thing is if he was on the floor for 4 days he could never reach a panic button or a phone I think that the building should have a person checking each room daily or a cam in a kitchen or something like that
  3. Pamela posted on 08/12/2014 08:12 PM
    With my mother being in a few residences I would like to make some comments:

    1-when you are placing a loved one in an “autonomous residence” there is a smaller rental monthly price to pay. With this said the residence is not responsible for this person because it is simply considered a rental with no other services that the family is paying for while the person is still autonomous.

    2-when we place our loved one in a “semi-autonomous or a long term care” our loved one is paying a higher price for the services they are given. For example, they are given their medications, baths, fed, etc this is the higher price tag.

    So, when we are placing our loved one in these homes, we know exactly what the services and cost are for this person that will now be semi-dependent or completely dependent on the staff that work at these facilities.

    I feel horrible that this man had to die and later the daughter said that her father before dying in the hospital had cried for help for four days and nobody came to his rescue. Now that this poor man is dead, anyone can say whatever story they want, especially if they want to go after and sue the facility.

    We can’t expect to pay small fees for big services, with this said and I truly apologize if I am in any way insulting anyone. Where was the FAMILY for the four days?

    As for my mother, she has been in three different residences, in the first residence she needed under 3 hours care and walking only with a cane, in the 2nd residence it was still under three hours of care but now her walking because more difficult and she was using a walker and after having many falls ended up in a “long-term facility”.

    Although, we are paying more money, she is watched during the day and the rounds are made in the bedrooms to make sure the person is fine.

    Whenever we place our loved ones in these facilities, it is because we can no longer take care of them nor can they take care of themselves. It is the RESPONSIBILITY of the family to make sure their loved one is being well cared for in these facilities and nobody else’s!

    It’s too bad this poor man died, it seems like the family abandoned him.
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