Westmount initiates "Wheel to Curb" campaign

Starting next Monday Westmount motorists who fail to turn their wheels into the curb when parking face the prospect of a $53 fine.

Westmount Public Security says there were four recent incidents of cars rolling down sloped streets because the cars weren't left in gear or Park, or the brakes were improperly applied.

Although motorists are required by law to turn their wheels when parked, it is usually not enforced.

The city was issuing warnings in July, but ticketing will begin next week.

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  1. Dan posted on 08/08/2014 09:50 AM
    Westmount is already BONKERS when it comes to parking.

    During the day, to park on the street you can only stay for a max of 2 hours.

    In the evening, you can park from 6 to 10pm IF you have a parking pass.

    But, then, EVEN IF you have the parking pass (which you paid for), if you don't call public security before 10pm and tell them you're parking overnight (between 10pm and 8am), you'll STILL get a ticket.

    Now this? Put on your parking/handbreaks people, it's really simple.
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