Young Quebec Liberals urge government reform on CEGEPS and immigration

Youth Wing Congress
Youth Commission of the Liberal Party of Quebec

Young people, from all over the province are gathering at the Liberal Youth Wing Congress in Sherbrooke this weekend, debating politics, membership, education reform and immigration.

These 16 to 25-year old members of the Quebec Liberals have bold ideas about how the party should evolve.

Nicolas Perrino leads the Youth Commission of the Liberal party of Quebec.

Education as well as language will be at the forefront of this weekend's debates.

A resolution is on the table about immigration.

Perrino says to date immigrants are brought into the province based on their mother tongue, French. He says that is good, but perhaps government should rethink that strategy and criteria.

He said immigration needs to be based on competency, meaning if we need more doctors, open the doors to more doctors.

If their credentials are beyond reproach, they can learn French. The province will be better off for it.

The Youth Wing Congress continues through the weekend at Bishop's in Sherbrooke.

Following debate, all resolutions will be forwarded to the Couillard government.

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