Food trucks: Treat us like real restaurants

Photo courtesy the Gazette

The Association of Quebec Restaurateurs wants the city's food truck fleet equipped with the same pricey transaction recording software brick-and-mortar restaurants had to install.

The software is meant to combat fraud but costs up to $5,000 to install.

Gaelle Cerf, vice president of the Montreal food truck association, is all for it.

She says she and her members want to be treated the same as other restaurants - and in many cases, already are, since they have the devices installed in their regular restaurants already.

But under existing rules, restaurants without dining rooms don't need one - a rule she says needs to be adjusted.

"Trucks don't have a dining room so [if we have to install the device] all the other little cafes and restaurants will have to have them too then," she says.

Cerf says her members are ready to install the software on their trucks.

But they would like to see some financial help from the government to cover the cost - the same way regular restaurants were subsidized when the regulations come into force several years ago.

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  1. Patrick posted on 08/13/2014 03:24 PM
    I love the food trucks and use them regularly, so don't get me wrong, but I would much rather have access to NYC-style hot dog cart.
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