Retirees join current municipal employees against Bill 3

Retired union workers are getting in line behind their former co-workers in the fight against proposed pension plan changes.

The organization of former blue- and white-collar workers says almost half retirees have to go back to work in less than two years, after learning that their pensions were not enough to live on.

"Most of the organization here have members who don't have even $30,000 a year for a pension," Francois Teasdale told CTV News.

The Liberal government's planned changes in Bill 3 including having public servants increasing their contributions to pension plans to match what is spent by municipalities. 

Marc Ranger of the Union Coalition for Free Negotiation, which represents some 70,000 of Montreal's municipal employees, has warned there will be war if Premier Philippe Couillard isn't willing to compromise.

Couillard challenges that most taxpayers are on board with the planned changes to help tackle the province's $3.9 billion dollar pensions plan deficit - and he isn't planning on budging.

"The need for the government to act, to restrict spending and to stimulate growth and unemployment; on that people are absolutely in accordance—or at least a majority of people are in accordance—of what we want to do," he told reporters Sunday.

A mass protest is scheduled in Montreal for August 20th: the same day parliamentary hearings on the proposed pension changes begin in Quebec City.

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  1. mp posted on 08/12/2014 09:43 AM
    As long as they don't touch the Mayor's pension. I don't blame the little guy fighting for what he has worked for all these years..Start on the top and leave the people alone as they already earned these pensions.What is wrong with this province when work on the roads are never finished and cones all over the place..and no one is working...You see the fed and prov politician have the greatest pensions plans ever and they don't want to give it back to the population.. Go after them..Start with Marois..
  2. Marguerite posted on 08/12/2014 12:06 PM
    I am sorry but I would be extremely happy with a $20000.00 pension a year let alone a $30000.00 yearly pension. I have absolutely no sympathy for them. I hope the premier will not back down on this at all. I say fire them all and bring in the military!!!!!!!
    1. Richard posted on 08/12/2014 07:43 PM
      @Marguerite Then you don't understand the situtation
  3. Kevin Dawson posted on 08/19/2014 02:49 PM
    It's Time That Taxpayers Take Their Heads Out of The Sand

    Our municipal elected officials contribute 6.15% to their pension fund and receive a benefit of 2.8% per year of service, fully indexed to the cost of living.

    Our provincial elected officials pensions cost the taxpayer $ 3.47 for each dollar contributed by each official. They in turn receive a pension benefit as much as 4% per year of service, fully indexed to the cost of living.

    Targeted by Bill 3 are our municipal workers including police and firemen. They contribute, depending on the group between 6-9% to their pension plan and receive a benefit of 2% per year of service. Most of these groups receive no indexation or partial indexation to the cost of living.

    Maybe it's time for our politicians, that created these pension deficit problems by their mismanagement and allowing for "employer contribution vacations", to lead by example.
    The pension benefits for municipal and provincial elected officials are obscene. They were never part of a legally negotiated contract with the taxpayer, nor were they ever part of a political platform during an election. Their pensions and severance packages were decided in a back room via the stoke of a pen, without prior knowledge provided to any taxpayer.
    If our politicians are truly concerned with the burden on taxpayers caused by pension benefits, shouldn't they be starting at the top by reducing the their most obscene pensions and severance packages first?

    As a result of any success as a result of Bill 3, we as taxpayers will see clerks and cashiers in the SAQ receiving better pension benefits that our police and firemen!

    Something is not right!

    Kevin Dawson
    Montreal, QC
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