City unveils bike safety measures

Photo City of Montreal

The city says it is getting serious about improving bike safety, announcing several measures today that it hopes will reduce the number of cyclist deaths and cycling-related accidents.

After months studying the problem, the city has made adjustments to 16 underpasses it has deemed risky for cyclists.

Another 15 are scheduled for the same treatment.

Long-term, it plans to install bike paths along some of them.

As well, the city is installing lateral barriers on its fleet of nearly 1,000 heavy trucks.

City executive committee member Anie Samson says Montreal mayor Denis Coderre is also pressuring federal transport minister Lisa Raitt to make the barriers mandatory on all heavy trucks.

"It's not just a municipal problem or a Montreal problem," says says. "It's all Canada, and I think she'll agree with that. If not, she's going to have to explain to us why."

The city will spend $2.5-million installing the barriers over three years.


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  1. Jane Curwood posted on 08/13/2014 08:57 PM
    Instead of spending more money, maybe the police should just start handing out tickets to cyclists who speed through traffic and stop signs and red lights and take up a full lane on a busy one lane street, when there is a designated bike path one block over. City streets have rules for a reason. They stop cars and pedestrians from colliding. Why is it cyclists are above the law? When was the last time you saw a cyclists pulled over by the police?
    1. Jonathan Todd posted on 08/14/2014 12:13 PM
      @Jane Curwood Jane, Actually last year the police were heavily targeting cyclists in montréal, stopping them and giving them tickets for things like not having reflectors on on one if their wheels. They targeted cyclists by waiting at the stop signs on the bike paths. I saw multiple people get tickets for no reason that would improve safety. The result of these operations was that cyclists avoided the bike paths in order to avoid tickets. In some instances I can attest that in certain places it is safer for a cyclist to ride in the street than on the bike path and have had many close calls with pedestrians walking in the bike paths in busy areas and women pushing strollers in the bike paths. The bike path on Saint Zotique for instance is extraordinarily dangerous and is nothing more than spray paint on a narrow street with traffic. There is nothing to protect cyclists from being hit by cars. The city really needs better bike paths and better enforcement/ticketing for people walking in the bike paths. Legally speaking cyclists have a right to ride in the streets and in many places that is the only option available to them.
  2. Murray posted on 08/13/2014 09:36 PM
    Why not encourage cyclists to wear neon coloured shirts so that they will be more visible? I recall yrs ago that brightly coloured cars were involved in fewer accidents based on their numbers due to their greater visibility.
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