Longueuil police say they have serial flasher in custody

Longueuil police have arrested a 26-year-old man they say is a serial flasher.

Police say Kevin Lauzier spent the past year committing his crimes in Brossard and St. Hubert. They say he would set himself up in front of bus stops, shop windows, or in parks, and expose himself to women.

He faces more than 20 charges of indecent exposure.

Police are looking for more victims.

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  1. Bobby posted on 08/14/2014 08:45 AM
    I was biking on lachine canal 2 days ago and I saw a guy no shirt in a speedo who kept on pulling his speedo down exposing him self he was way to comfortable and it was in the middle of afternoon several people I talked to saw but never reported it I made a report with 2 cadets on bike but people need to speak up about these things I am a male and feel like ladies should have said something when I asked one woman who was in area if she saw him she said yes and that was the second guy who exposed himself to her I say in my head wtf is wrong with society don't encourage these people to get worse stop them in there tracks
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