City announces first ever taxi policy

Photo courtesy La Presse

The mayor released the first-ever city-wide taxi industry policy this afternoon.

Denis Coderre is proposing several new ideas, including installing cameras inside cabs, facilitating electronic payment and encouraging the fleet to go either electric or hybrid.

Coderre says he also wants the taxis to have a uniform colour - though he didn't as yet specify which colour.

He is also considering allowing interactive advertising inside vehicles as a way to increase revenue.

He predicts the cameras will be installed by next year, though it is still unclear who will pay for them.

As for greening the fleet, he says an infrastructure suited to electric or hybrid vehicles has to be built before the industry can really move over to cleaner technology.

The city is looking at ways to help subsidize the transition and is anticipating meeting with other levels of government to discuss the matter.

Coderre repeated that driver safety is paramount and that partitions between driver and rider, which was tried briefly over a decade ago, was ineffective in cutting down crime.

But he said studies in other cities have shown that cameras in taxis do lead to dramatically reduced crime rates.

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  1. crj posted on 08/14/2014 08:55 PM
    I think it would also be a great idea to introduce passenger / driver rights similar to Toronto and New York. For example, passengers have the right to have the AC on, the heat on, no smoking, no eating car, no music/radio, etc.

    I realize taxi drivers may have a tough time but the conditions that passengers are sometimes exposed to are terrible.
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