WATCH: Fur farm abuse unpunished in St. Jude

Warning: some may be disturbed by these images

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    Courtesy for Rey Mena

      Thousands of mink and about 100 foxes are being kept in deplorable conditions on a mink farm in the Monteregie.

      The SPCA was alerted to the situation in May and is accusing the wildlife ministry of refusing to rescue the animals.

      CJAD News has learned the farm is in Saint-Jude, Quebec.

      The SPCA alleged the farm owner is depriving the animals of basic needs, like water.

      "They're in the most horrific, unimaginable conditions," said Alanna Devine of the Montreal SPCA.

      "Many of these [animals] may no longer be alive," she said. "Due to severe dehydration, they would need to be on IV drips and require hospitalization just to save their lives."

      The animals are bred for the sole use of their fur, an industry that survives because of fashion.

      Preliminary veterinary reports indicated many animals are covered in lesions, have broken teeth, are dehydrated, missing eyes, blind, have lacerations andhave broken limbs.

      The wildlife ministry was brought in but the SPCA said they are refusing to remove the animals.

      A spokesperson with the ministry said the animals are "unfortunately bred for the furring industry and all urgent issues at the farm have been dealt with."

      But the SPCA wants the animals seized from the owner, who was previously convicted of animal cruelty.

      The wildlife ministry said it is visiting the farm every couple days.

      To view a preliminary vet report on the condition of the animals, click here.

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      1. george posted on 08/14/2014 01:54 PM
        This is the last straw.. I have an army of protestors in the hundreads that will be doing a major protest in an unannounced time and place.. and that's just to start. These animals can't defend themselves so I will and I'm pissed
      2. wendy price posted on 08/14/2014 02:23 PM
        Why are these people not getting off their lazy ass to fix the problem now? These poor animals have not the time to waste? Typical ignorant human parasites which do nothing but send the blame to another to avoid getting involved.
        1. Kevin posted on 08/24/2014 04:06 PM
          @wendy price As being a long term employee of a mink ranch in western canada I do agree that the conditions in wich the animals were held were poor, but the fact of the matter is that you can not move mink just like that. There is no feasible way to move a 1000 mink. And where do you sopoze they are put? Every fur farm in the country is full. Curently at the ranch where I work there are a whopping 32 empty pens out of about 7000 pens. And no rach in there right mind would bring in injured animals, because first of all the the handling of the animals and catching the animal stresses them out and besides the frail nature of the malnutrition in the animals. Moveing them is potentialy a bad idea because of the spread of infections such as distemper or phenomena. And believe me releasing the animals into the wild or trying to "set the animals free" will be a shure way to get all of the animals killed FYI
      3. eric posted on 08/14/2014 03:12 PM
        Another example of a SPINELESS & USELESS Quebec government agency.
        Just debating if these animals should be removed is insulting to the intelligence and will of the public.
        But of course the government here cares little about the public.
        The criminal running this operation should be placed for a month in one of his cages and treated as he has treated the animals.
        Absolutely sickening.
        Quebec's reputation marches on !
      4. Kari posted on 08/14/2014 05:24 PM
        SHAME SHAME SHAME on the wildlife ministry!!!!!
        This has been going on since MAY and this owner has been previously convicted of animal cruelty????
        What kind of response is that "these animals are bred for the furring industry "( which is a whole other problem for me ). Does that mean that they dont deserve water and the necessities of life??? Tortured???
        This is why we need much stricter laws and PUNISHMENTS for these disgusting people who abuse animals, no matter what kind.
        How sad for those poor innocent creatures.
      5. Andrew posted on 08/20/2014 04:47 PM
        The Quebec ministry personnel are waiting for their pensions.
        They are probably not used to doing anything anyway.
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