Kahnawake wants to clamp down on mixed marriages

The Kahnawake mohawk reserve wants to enforce a ban on mixed marriages.

The moratorium has been in effect for more than 30 years and now up to 200 people could be evicted.

"Back in '81, people were really having huge problems with the Indian Act and its policies, which were really designed to assimilate us and the community really had enough and said we're gonna create our own set of laws to deal with membership", said Joe Delaronde of the Mohawk Council Of Kahnawake in an interview with CTV News.

The ban is designed to protect cultural identity, but some say it's racist.

"The people here have created the law and wanted it a certain way and it’s really about keeping your identity, especially here surrounded by every conceivable culture mostly Canadian and American and the fear is that we’ll wake up one day and not know who we are”, added Delaronde.

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  1. markR posted on 08/15/2014 10:01 PM
    You call it "protecting your identity" the rest of the work calls it racism plain and simple!
  2. Serena posted on 08/15/2014 10:43 PM
    So what happened to these people? How can this be allowed? My brother a canadian white....was tricked into getting a girl from there pregnant....she pretended to be pregnant for 20 weeks and ended up actually managing to get pregnant for real during that time, they are not together after all that deception, but his daughter 1.5 bright blue eyes like her dad....lives on this reserve....will she be cast out as she is not a FULL Indian!. This topic makes me so angry that in 2014 there are close minded racist people pit there. Yes I am aware not all native peop,e think like this article. For those who do...get a life and go to hell! This topic hits close to home...as my family must be in constant battle with the baby's mother about their " culture" ....
  3. Eric posted on 08/16/2014 09:50 AM
    Hmmmm, I wonder if the PQ will try to adopt this as well. Pure-Laine all the way!!!
  4. Loralei Lee posted on 08/19/2014 09:29 AM
    Seems like it is okay for rights to be abused by non native companies ONLY on the reserve who station their computer servers there to avoid tax, or okay non native business partners who benefit directly from the business relationships they have established. What about the space that they take up?? Is it all about money? How many countless hours do they spend on the reservation taking up space and avoiding tax? How many non natives work under the table at gas stations and factories? Its not really about the abuse of rights, is it? Because as long as someone is getting paid, no one cares about those people. Its racism and hatred, started up by a few-- plain and simple. If the MCK can rent to non natives and directly benefit from it, who are they to propagate hatred for the non natives in relationships with natives?? Disgusting!
  5. kim norton posted on 08/21/2014 06:19 PM
    Excuse me, I am a Mohawk woman who has lived my entire life in kahnawake and I plan to live here until the end ofy journey of life. Every society has rules including kahnawake
    We are raised to respect the elders and it has been an unwritten rule that if you marry or co-habite with a non native partner you leave. The people who are fighting against the evictions are being totally disrespectful of our elders. And that is the sad part. All we have left is this tiny bit of identity and I strongly believe that if we throw open the door to anyone we as Mohawks of kahnawake cease to exsist. As for everyone in the white world screaming racism, mind your own business.
    1. Loralei Lee posted on 08/22/2014 01:38 PM
      @kim norton So Kim, all of those natives who are in business relationships with non natives using Mohawk land should also be looked at and considered as violating rules. Why can those relationships exist, but others cannot cohabitate? These non native business partners spend countless hours on the reserve or their representatives do.....and they probably spin dust in the elders' faces.....Abuse of rights is abuse of rights..same goes for MIT and many other so called "MOHAWK" businesses. In bed with a lover or a business partner, let's examine all of it!
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