$536 fine or jail time for a broken headlight ticket - from 1991

A warning ticket for a broken headlight issued in 1991, resurfaced this July for Naminingue resident Jolyn Hebert.

A bailiff showed up on his doorstep recently with handcuffs and a debit machine and gave him the options to pay a $536 fine or serve jail-time, Hebert chose to pay.

He says Kahnawake Peacekeepers gave him the original warning just after the Oka crisis.

With masked gunmen and barriers still set up around the community Hebert says he was too nervous to return to the reservation to show Mohawk Peacekeepers that he had fixed the light.

Hebert instead went to an SQ office near his home where he says an SQ officer told him to "ignore the ticket and just be careful driving in kanewake for the next few years".

Chief Peacekeeper Dwane Zacharie says even the Oka crisis is no excuse to evade the law.

"See, everyone is assuming that because 1990 happened, this was 1991, that Kahnawake wasn't a safe place," he said.

"I've lived here my whole life, this is a safe place to go. It's just like any other community. If he didn't want to come to Kahnawake we have a telephone and we have the same number as the day we started in 1979."

Zacharie says the fine grew excessively high because it was left to inflate in court for 23 years, and if the SQ told Hebert to forget about it, that was very bad advice.

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  1. Jacquie posted on 08/22/2014 08:44 AM
    When reading or hearing about this story, what I have always found missing, is the fact that the gentleman in question obiviously received this warning while on the reserve; when, according to him there were masked gunmen and barriers. If those conditions frightened him so much, why was he there to begin with? Which leads to my next question - if he was there once and returned home safely, why he would be frightened to go back for a second time and to show he complied with the legitimate warning? Did he think it was not valid since it came from the Peace Keepers? By the way.... we've lived in the neighbouring community long before the crisis, and have never been afraid to go to there; alone or with our children.
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