Lester B. Pearson board chair "saddened" by Bolduc's suggested cuts to book budgets

Photo: Ian Wilson

Comments from Education Minister Yves Bolduc on ways for school boards to deal with cuts are not sitting well with the chair of the Lester B. Pearson School Board.

Bolduc suggested one way for school boards to deal with budget cuts would be to cut the number of new books the schools buy.

Lester B. Pearson school board chair Suanne Stein Day says Bolduc's comments aren't fair. She tells CJAD News fostering learning and a love for reading requires a lot of books for every kind of reader.

I am very, very saddened  to learn of Mr. Bolduc's comments about 'no child will die from not having a book to read,'" she said.

"I’ve worked all my life to make sure children have books to read; they learn so much from it in so many ways.

"As we move into a technological world, children still have to read."

She also takes issue with Premier Philippe Couillard's vow that buying new books for schools is a priority, reacting to Bolduc's suggestion.

She says grants for her school board's book budget were slashed 37 per cent this year.

"So, if there's no reason to cut our budget, why did he cut our grants?" she challenged.

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  1. Ardee Norman posted on 08/24/2014 03:17 PM
    Although this matter is short sighted and dead wrong, I have and idea for CJAD. Mount a public book giving campaign. I'm sure many of your listeners have tons of quality appropriate books they don't know what to do with. Deliver them to individual schools on a chosen day in September. Do schools still have librarians though?
  2. Chris Eustace posted on 08/25/2014 06:37 AM
    August 25, 2014

    To answer Ardee Norman's question: Yes, there are school librarians at the Pearson board.

    They even have their own website. Google: " LBPSB School Librarians."

    The idea to donate books to the local school library is excellent. But what type of books?

    The board has put out a ' Manual of Policies, Procedures and By-Laws ' concerning "Library Materials Selection." It is online.

    The 'Manual' should be updated. It came out in December 1999. A lot has changed since then.

    Perhaps, the librarians could whip out a note of some sort, indicating what books would be acceptable.

    An idea : Something in the 'Pearson News?'

    Chris Eustace

    (ret'd teacher)
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