Verdun family scheduled for deportation to Egypt next week

A hearing is scheduled for Tuesday morning in the case of a family scheduled to be deported to Egypt a few days later.

The family of four from Verdun is hoping to stay in Canada after living here for 8 years.

However, two young Canadian daughters of the Khalifa family can stay.

Their father, Tarek, says leaving them behind is not an option and hopes things go their way.

"They understand. Suddenly I found them understanding everything and asking me, why they hate us and why they want us to go to Egypt. We should talk with them. This was the word from my daughter", said Khalifa in an interview with CTV News.

The parents have applied for personal residency, but it's been turned down.

They point to improper legal advice and serious application mistakes.

Deportation is set for next Friday.


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  1. Rodney posted on 08/22/2014 10:23 PM
    Tired of all of the people who come in by the back door into our country by jumping the line some how in front of those who are legally going through the process to enter Canada, and then asking asking to stay on humanitarian reasons.. line up like the rest of them and go throug the proper process
  2. ric posted on 08/22/2014 10:35 PM
    If they've been here 8 years and haven't caused any trouble, LEAVE THEM BE.
    Why don't they deport that criminal dany villanueva?
  3. ed posted on 08/23/2014 02:41 AM
    I feel sorry for this family, it would be a disgraceful shame if this present heartless Tory government or clueless immigration bureaucrat sends them to a certain doomed fate in bloodied egypt under fascist military rule (Sissi junta arrestiing canadian journalists and trying them in military courts as an example). Canadians of all stripes and backgrounds should help these poor people avoid this your local MP'S and make some noise this is the least that we morally can do for these poor girls...
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