Farmers angered over proposed Mascouche airport move

Mascouche airport
Courtesy the City of Mascouche

The City of Mascouche, 20 kilometres north of Montreal, is going through a rebirth of sorts.

In just a few years, the regional airport, the largest in Quebec, will be replaced by a new, multi-million dollar industrial technology centre, closer to what will be a new commuter train station.

A new airport is expected to be built on agricultural land, known as the green zone, which has dozens of farmers and environmentalists fuming.

Between 5 and 7 properties are in the area of the future airport, and they will have to be expropriated.

Some of these farms have been handed down for three generations and are some of the most fertile lands in Quebec.

Jean Patrick Toussaint, with the David Suzuki foundation, says the City intends on selling the land to developers, but it's not up to local officials to decide these issues, they fall under Transport Canada's jurisdiction, telling the media at a recent news conference.

On the other hand, Pierre Boudreault, President of the Mascouche Airport Owners and Pilots Association, says Mascouche Airport is not just a place for recreational pilots.

Boudreault says there are hundreds of pilots that train at the Airport, many go on to fly commercially with major airlines, such as Air Canada and Transat.

He adds, there was nowhere else to go.

Boudreault says Mascouche is dotted with power lines, so there's very little land available for an airport.

Meanwhile, a 2013 survey by the City of Mascouche reveals 49 percent of citizens are willing to wait at least a year before making a final decision on the proposed location of Mascouche Airport.

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  1. Maki posted on 08/24/2014 06:27 AM
    I got an idea about 20 km east of Mascouche there is an airport in Mirabel. Its ready to go now! Cle en main people. I think it might even be for sale for one measly dollar. Its not right Farmers lose their land. Not fair at all.
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