UPDATE: André Bellavance slams door on Bloc Québécois


The man who lost the leadership of the Bloc Québécois to Mario Beaulieu this past spring has now become the latest MP to quit the party.

André Bellavance announced this morning that he'll sit in the House of Commons as an independent until next year's federal election, and then leave politics altogether.

Earlier this month, Jean-François Fortin announced he was quitting the party and would sit as an independent.

The party has two MPs left: Claude Patry, an NDP defector who announced two weeks ago he would stay on as a Bloc MP until the next election, but wouldn't run again. The other is 71-year-old Louis Plamondon, one of the original Bloc MPs who defected from the old Progressive Conservative party.

Beaulieu's hardline stance on Quebec independence has rankled much of the party's establishment since he narrowly defeated Bellavance for the party's leadership.

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  1. Joe posted on 08/25/2014 01:47 PM
    It is getting funnier that the new leader of the Bloc(head) Quebecois does not understand he is in a boat with no oars and so many holes in it its due to sink very soon. Hope he ties an anchor to its leg and when the party finally sinks into oblivion he can go back to hanging around on his balconville on St. Denis to ponder his next move until his next pogie check comes.
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