UPDATE: Report finds development irregularities on Nuns' Island

Montreal's auditor-general has uncovered irregularities in construction of several residential developments on Nuns' Island.

The report was obtained by the Journal de Montreal.

It says a faulty system for processing permit requests, lax enforcement and cozy relationships with city managers allowed real estate developers to bend the rules.

In one case, construction of a highrise started before the proper permits were issued. That tower ended up being three storeys higher than originally approved and its footprint on the site was illegally large.

Another complex was supposed to have an underground parking garage but the structure was eventually built above-ground.

"Any of the insinuations need to be seen in their contexts to understand how they evolved," Samuel Gewurz, the president of Proment, one of the developers mentioned in the report, said.

"We went to get permits, we worked fully under the law. During the course of construction the city determined one part of regulations had to be adjusted, as a result we were off pace for a certain period of time, but everything that we have built conforms to the law," he said.

The report was written last year and is now in the hands of anti-corruption investigators.

Gewurz says they have not contacted him.

The Verdun borough will be holding a press conference on the issue at 1 PM Monday.

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  1. markR posted on 08/25/2014 08:42 AM
    And the traditional way of doing construction business in this province continues without any consequences even with the ongoing Charbonneau Commission.
    I doubt very much that anything will change other than the method of corruption will take another form and another future commission will be born.
  2. More BS posted on 08/25/2014 07:28 PM
    Once this smoke and mirrors of a show is over it will have changed nothing .
    No one will be punished , not a dime of corruption money will be reclaimed.
    This province can no more operate without corruption than the earth can stop inning on its axis.
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