Decarie not a racetrack: Police

Police are reminding motorists that the Decarie Expressway isn't a racetrack.

The speed limit on the highway is 70 kilometres an hour but in two separate incidents last weekend, motorists were stopped for driving at excessive speeds during the overnight hours.

A driver in his 20's was pulled over for driving at 214 kilometres an hour and another driver in his forties caught driving 217 kilometres an hour - over three times the legal limit.

Both drivers were fined over two thousand dollars and 36 demerit points.


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  1. Paul posted on 08/28/2014 06:27 AM
    The speed limit on the Decarie should be raised to 90 km/hr.
    70km not realistic for a highway.
  2. Richard posted on 08/28/2014 09:19 PM
    Why is it not realistic? Because people don't respect it? Its 70 now and people drive at 100 raise it to 90 and they will drive at 110
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