Last ditch plea from Verdun family fighting deportation to Egypt

A Verdun family facing deportation to Egypt this Friday is anxiously awaiting a decision from federal court where they had their final hearing this morning to plead their case to stay in Canada.

Tarek and Samah Khalifa have lived in Montreal for eight years, with their two Canadian-born daughters, eight-year-old Sarah and six-year-old Aicha. Their requests for permanent residency have been rejected time and again.

The couple says it's concerned about going back with their girls to an unstable political situation where there are few medical resources for their epileptic older daughter.

"They basically have their whole lives here, their home here, they consider themselves more Canadian than Egyptian," said Mary Foster, spokesperson for immigrant and refugee rights advocacy group Solidarity Across Borders which is supporting the family's fight to stay.

"Most kids in Montreal are heading back to school in the next couple of days, these two kids are wondering whether they're going to be here, they're going to be in Egypt, they're going to be with their parents, or they're going to be without their parents."

"They basically have their whole lives here, their home here, they consider themselves more Canadian than Egyptian."

The group blames what they call the Harper government's recent immigration crackdown.

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  1. Donald Gallacher posted on 08/28/2014 11:28 AM
    This story requires an immediate happy pending.Canada has to do right by these good people and process their request to stay in Canada as a family (not just the children who were born here). In our short lives in this ever depreciating world, we must stand up, be strong and take the courageous steps for positive action. Let us show the world what a true model country we are in CANADA. Let us make today the start of a new movement for all free and honest respectable humans. It is easy ...just say yes to this little family...they need our strong support.... Go Canada Go!
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