Sexual assault victim shocked at abuser's potential early release

A Quebec City woman is enraged that the man serving an eight-year sentence for sexually assaulting her between 1998 and 2005 is eligible for release after serving only 17 months in jail.

Audrey Beaulieu was only 11 when her mother's then-new boyfriend Alain Potvin began abusing her. He continued until 2005.

When he was sentenced to eight years in jail last June, she was happy and relieved, if only somewhat satisfied.

Then she learned that he can be out of prison as early as December 2016.

She says the justice system is laughing at her and other victims of sexual assault.

"I fought eight long years for justice," she said. "After the sentence was given, I was satisfied. But now, six weeks after being informed of the judgement of the man who abused me and made me suffer... it's incredible."

Beaulieu is launching a petition demanding changes to those convicted of sexual assault. 


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