SPCA takes next step to save animals at Saint-Jude fur farm

Photo: Jo-Anne McArthur/SPCA

The Montreal SPCA said it is taking the next step to compel the government to act and remove the animals living in abusive conditions at a fur farm in Saint-Jude.

In a statement released Tuesday, the SPCA said "despite repeated efforts by the Montreal SPCA, and the public to convince the Ministère des Forêts, de la Faune et des Parcs du Québec to use its law enforcement powers to rescue foxes and mink at a fur farm in the Montérégie, the MFFP remains adamant in its decision not to remove the animals."

In a demand letter addressed to Minister Laurent Lessard, the SPCA details the ongoing violations of current legislation governing wildlife in captivity.

The letter sets out the provisions of the legislation which grant the MFFP the power to seize animals in cases of non-compliance.

The SPCA also warns that a failure to act may result in legal proceedings against the ministry.

"It is unconscionable that the MFFP continues to refuse to use its enforcement powers to remove the animals on this fur farm" said Sophie Gaillards , Lawyer and campaigns manager for the Montreal SPCA's Animal Advocacy Department.

"Clearly, the MFFP is more interested in protecting a fur farmer than the animals whom it is legislatively mandated to protect" said Gaillards. "It is disheartening to realize that we need to go so far as to threaten legal action to get our government to do its job."

The SPCA continues to urge the public to write to Minister Lessard in order to request that immediate action be taken to remove the animals on this fur farm.

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