Anjou mayor pushing de-merger

Photo courtesy La Presse

Anjou borough mayor Luis Miranda is launching a petition to de-merge from the City of Montreal.

He says chronic underfunding from City Hall has angered residents, who say their services are suffering under the Coderre administration.

"We have, on a regular basis, what are we waiting for?" he said. "I had to have a reason to ask [for a referendum on de-merger], and now we have a reason. Because we're under-financed."

Although Anjou did get an extra $180,000 in this year's budget, but, he said, "just in the agreements we have with our employees, the salary hikes are 2 per cent, which represents $400,000. And you're giving me $180,000. So that means I'm $220,000 in the hole right there.

"That's not counting the hydro bills going up, the gas bills going up, everything. So we have a million dollars to go get in new taxes."

Miranda says he is confident he can get 25,000 signatures on the petition - this in a borough of 42,000 residents.

He says he is hoping the provincial government will listen to residents and grant them a referendum. 

But Municipal Affairs Minister Pierre Moreau has said that he won't change the law on de-mergers.

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  1. Murray posted on 08/28/2014 08:08 PM
    The precedent was set by QC of having 2 even more referendums to separate from Canada SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
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