Construction site signallers want tougher penalties for speeding motorists


The head of an association representing roadside signallers in construction zones are repeating their calls for stiffer penalties for motorists who speed through construction zones.

Jean-François Dionne, the head of the Association des travailleurs en signalisation routière du Québec, says in 2014 alone, 15 people have suffered injuries as a result of contact with motorists. He says four signallers have been killed by motorists since 2010.

He says motorists need to learn to respect them, and the work they do.

"Motorists often lose a little bit of patience towards us when they come to construction zones," Dionne says. He points to incidents earlier this year where one signaller in Laval had one of his legs crushed by a motorist, and another recent incident in Gatineau where another signaller was also threatened by a motorist wielding a baseball bat.

He adds they're often the targets of abuse from frustrated motorists — having to deal with everything from verbal abuse to threats of physical violence.

Dionne is calling on transport ministry to double the fines for motorists who don't respect traffic signals in construction zones — from $133 to $270, and a loss of six demerit points, up from three.

And for those who hit motorists, Dionne says drivers should have their licenses suspended for a year, get handed a $1500 fine, and face possible jail time.

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  1. al posted on 09/01/2014 08:49 AM
    No one should be killed or maimed for doing a job...But the whole city is under siege. You go over a bump in the construction zone and you think why did they not warn you that there would be a bump so deep it could put your teeth through your chin..
    You see construction sites where there are 4 guys looking at the same hole and machinery on the roads not working..They tear up the roads put orange cones down and make it a two way road so small that when you see a truck coming at you with no space to pass you close your eyes and hope..These workers are not trained in safety as they are also endangering the motorists' lives..Get one job done at a time and we can see results..Also not having bilingual warning sides endangering tourists' lives . Get it. You have to get the workers from the states to teach these people how to do roads..Happy holiday to the people of this city who don't have to be in traffic Monday..
  2. Jon posted on 09/01/2014 10:31 AM
    Fines are already double in a speeding zone. The problem is not the fines. Fact is, there are NEVER any police watching construction zones so no one cares about the limits when they know no one is there to check them.

    We don't need higher fines, we need enforcement!
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