NDG man will appeal community garden eviction over beehive

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Urban beekeeping has been causing controversy in an NDG community garden.  The borough says a man needs to leave the garden, because of his beehive but he says he'll appeal, adding he got permission and has spent close to $1600.

Matthew Trowell says he introduced the beehive in the NDG community garden on Botrel Street this summer after years of discussions and an almost unanimous vote from the other gardeners to accept it.

Trowell says he consulted the city and it gave him the go ahead because there aren't any bylaws or procedures in place.

The city and Action Communiterre, who runs the garden, has posted two notices to get the beehive out of the garden by September 2.

Trowell says he is hoping they’ll be open to discussions but otherwise he will appeal the eviction.

“I don’t intend to leave, they’re selective enforcement of rules is evident, or so called rules...” he told CJAD.

“I want them to cooperate with me so we can get this project off the ground and then observe and detail all that we can do to develop it,” he continued.

NDG city councillor Peter McQueen says the city didn’t stop Trowell before he introduced the beehive because it didn’t know what he was doing.

“When we realised exactly what he was doing, that’s when we said, woh this is too close to people.”

McQueen also says the woman next to Trowell's gardening lot has an allergy to bees and for safety reasons beekeeping cannot be accepted in the garden.

But Trowell says that explanation isn't rational.

“If you’re in the garden you’re surrounded by wasps and stinging things already, besides she voted that she was in favor of it and then turned around and changed her mind.”

Mcqueen says the city does need to come up with regulations surrounding the topic.

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  1. Alana Ronald posted on 09/01/2014 04:09 PM
    I'm disappointed and appalled that someone would send police to this man's door over this issue.

    What motive would anyone have to send police to question Mr. Trowell for doing something this positive?

    To may it's a complete waste of taxpayers time It's shameful that the city would not be co-operative, cancelling a meeting without giving a reason, and sending police to intimidate a peaceful citizen.

    I find it troubling as I have seen this garden & seen structures the same height as the bee structure, and I've seen plots wasted & worked illegally by someone that doesn't live in the borough. Why are they not evicted?

    The bees pose no threat to anyone. Furthermore, they are not even in the hive yet. If someone is that allergic, why are they gardening in a garden full of stinging

    I expect more from the city and Action Communitare that they treat people with a modicum of respect.
  2. Drew posted on 09/02/2014 01:29 AM
    This is how the city runs they say yes go ahead then investigate and after the guy spends the money they say no. The answer should have been we will look into your request . The city does everything half butt backwards. Then they call the police who most likely stuck red stickers on his bee hive.
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